Momentary Affects

a single emotion, each day in 2011


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I’m working on a PhD and novel about how we feel, and how we describe those feelings.

Each day for 2011 I’ll try to identify and write out the logic and experience of just one (or a cluster of) affects. I’m interested in the momentary, the fleeting, the epiphanies, jouissance and the ‘feel of not to feel it’ (Keats) about how we get through each day with so many competing, flightful, momentary, dulling, numbing and exhilarating emotions.

Momentary Affects is inspired by the recording of everyday survival and public feelings, feminism and social theory being done by people such as Kathleen Stewart (Ordinary Affects), Ann Cvetkovich and the Public Feelings Project, Kathleen Woodward (Statistical Panic), Eve Sedgwick (Touching Feeling), Sianne Ngai (Ugly Feelings), Eva Illouz (Cold Intimacies), Martha Nussbaum (Upheavals of Thought) and Deborah Lupton (Risk and Everyday Life), among many.

I’m also interested in the social sciences work of BrenĂ© Brown (on shame, shame resilence and wholeheartedness) and Todd Kashdan (on curiosity) and how we experience positive affect and practice position emotions.

And I’m inspired by literature, novels such as The Discovery of Slowness, A Heart So White, Bel Canto, Herzog, The Road, Jane Eyre, Goodmorning Midnight, Tropic of Cancer, and a few others…




Written by alockwood

January 11, 2011 at 3:57 pm

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